As a new manager, or a manager new to Sage, there will be some skills and behaviors that you will need to develop. Some of these skills may be focused on elements of your new role (for example Sage knowledge or product knowledge) and some of these skills might be focused on your management and interpersonal skills.

So where do you start?

There are many ways to learn new skills that you can apply and develop further within your role. The first place to visit is the Sage Academy. This is our portal for 'learning and development’.

Leading at Sage

Leading at Sage is a leadership development program for all ‘people managers’ here at Sage. The program is designed to set the expectation on how to lead at Sage and provide all managers with the skills and capabilities to do so effectively.



  • Starts with a Leadership Diagnostic that drives honest ‘self-assessment’
  • Ten modules in total – completion of five ‘License to Lead’ modules and five ‘Advanced Learning’ modules
  • Designed for all ‘people managers’ at Sage the program is supported with local language delivery as and where appropriate
  • Provides over 5 days of learning for all Sage Managers

Your Development

Research shows the most effective development happens on the job. Your daily tasks and activities, projects and challenges are your best sources of learning. Your 1-1s with your manager will help you reflect on what you’ve learned and where you can continue to develop.


For a blank PDP (personal development plan) template, click here.


Lots of authors have written books to support people who are starting a new role. We’ve included details of some books which may be useful to you whether you have been promoted into a managers role internally, or whether you have joined Sage as a manager from another organization.









We have created this microsite to support your introduction to Sage and to help you get off to the best possible start to your career with us.

Some of the content on the site is for internal use only and should not be shared other than with Sage colleagues.

If in any doubt, please talk to your manager.

We hope you have a great on-boarding experience!