What we do

As a global technology company we energize the success of businesses and their communities around the world through the use of smart technology and the imagination of our people. We work with a thriving community of accountants, partners, developers, and entrepreneurs, the engine room of economies around the world.​

Our product focus

The “Golden Triangle” represents the strong value proposition we can provide to our customers in three mission critical areas—Accounting, Payroll and HR and Payments--through solutions that are seamlessly integrated to automate workflow and the movement of money. Our ecosystem enables integration with our other applications, including mobile applications and features as a service, so that customers can tailor our offering to their needs.

The Golden TriangleClick the image to download the full size version (pdf, 28kb)

Developing ever closer integration of our growth products is a key focus of our investment. We are also investing in products with open application programming interface (API), such as Sage Live, so that independent software vendors (ISVs) can develop their applications to integrate with our core product as standard, maximizing customer choice and driving customer experience.

Small and medium businesses

We are focused on delivering a consistently exceptional experience to all of our four million customers, working to provide the most appropriate products and services to suit their needs. We don’t believe in labelling customers, but we do think it is helpful to understand the characteristics of different sizes of businesses in order to better serve them:

Small business

0 to 9 employees

Ranging from sole traders to small employers, these entities constitute the vast majority of all businesses in our top geographies, numbering around 68 million. It is estimated that only around one in ten of these businesses uses a packaged software solution to manage their business. Adoption of software in this size range is being driven by affordable, mobile-ready, easy-to-use cloud solutions like Sage One.

Medium Business

10 to 200 employees

Ranging from small owner-managed businesses to larger entities with multiple layers of organizational structure, adoption of software to manage finances is much more common in this size range where the population of entities is around four million in our top geographies. Businesses typically rely on software to maintain appropriate records and to perform multiple functions with a number of packaged solutions being run, either independently or integrated. Data sharing between functions can be particularly powerful in organizations of this size and Sage Live is designed with that in mind.

Large Business

200+ employees

Larger businesses, where their scale and organizational complexity mean they practically all use business management solutions in some form. The packaged solutions used by these entities may be more extensive, performing additional functions of business management and potentially required to deal with cross-border operations. Sage X3 is our global product for businesses with these characteristics, where modules can be used to perform everything from monitoring the sales pipeline and customer relationships to managing inventory.


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