Focused and connected!

We are fast approaching the end of your first three months with us! Our aspiration at this point is for you to feel less "new." You should now have a fairly broad network both internally and externally and feel able to connect with these contacts whenever you need support/guidance. You will have made progress with your 90-day plan and be clear on what is expected of you in your role. You will have taken responsibility for pieces of work and will start to drive things forward and manage your stakeholders—taking ownership for these relationships.


Weeks 9-11 - what you need to know and do

  • Take time to reflect
  • Spend time on Sage Chatter expanding your network/contributing to groups


  • Access the Sociable Day series and setting SMART goals module from the Sage Academy
  • Discuss with your line manager probationary review expectations (if applicable)


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Weeks 9-11 - things to think about and reflect on

  • How are things going?
  • What have you achieved?
  • What are you learning about the organization?
  • Are you meeting your induction goals (90-day plan)?
  • What is still left to do to achieve your successful integration to Sage?
  • What seems to work and not work here? Who is successful and why? Who and what has not been successful and why?


  • Are you happy with your support network here at Sage?
  • Do you need to do anything to develop your support network?
  • What are your key priorities in the short, medium, and long term?
  • What are your stakeholders expecting? What kind of relationship do you need with them and how will you build it?


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Additional reflections for line managers:

  • Talk to your colleagues and agree time with them to time to understand our people processes in action (such as, recruitment, performance management, 1-2-1’s and so on)

We have created this microsite to support your introduction to Sage and to help you get off to the best possible start to your career with us.

Some of the content on the site is for internal use only and should not be shared other than with Sage colleagues.

If in any doubt, please talk to your manager.

We hope you have a great on-boarding experience!