Part of something special!

By the end of week 8 you should start to feel part of the team and be able to see the role you will be playing in supporting our business goals. You will now be attending and scheduling meetings and will start to take ownership of your diary and planning your time. At this stage in your induction you should start to feel a personal connection to people you work with regularly and will be beginning to understand what makes them tick. By now you will be part of project teams/working groups and will feel confident enough to contribute your views and opinions, ask questions, and challenge if you can see a better way of doing something.



Weeks 5-8 - what you need to know and do

  • Opportunity to book onto any internal or external networking events (if appropriate)
  • Take time to reflect
  • Research any appropriate training courses


  • Spend time on Sage Chatter expanding your network/contributing to groups
  • Review with your line manager your progress


Weeks 5-8 - things to think about and reflect on

  • Have you got a good feel for the technical capabilities of the organization?
  • Form your views about capabilities of your direct reports and create a plan for action to discuss with your line manager (if applicable)
  • What makes Sage a great place to work? How do you describe the company and your role to your family and friends?
  • Create a personal vision. What are the top few things you need to accomplish by the end of your first six months or in one, two, or three years’ time?
  • What performance metrics will you use to evaluate your progress?
  • What are the information networks available to you? How can you find out what is going on in the organization?
  • Are you keeping up to date with what is going on externally in the technology sector?


Get some feedback:

  • Seek early feedback on what has gone well and what needs focus (your Sage Ambassador could provide you with some useful insight)
  • Check in with your line manager on expectations

Speech bubbles

Additional reflections for line managers:

  • Begin to understand how your business area is performing in comparison to the wider business. Are you comfortable in understanding the metrics we use to describe performance at Sage? If you need additional support in this area speak to your line manager or Sage Ambassador.
  • Don’t forget to utilise Chatter to connect with colleagues across Sage, make the most of this tool!
  • There’s lots of useful information on how we are performing as a business available via the investor's section on the Sage Website.

We have created this microsite to support your introduction to Sage and to help you get off to the best possible start to your career with us.

Some of the content on the site is for internal use only and should not be shared other than with Sage colleagues.

If in any doubt, please talk to your manager.

We hope you have a great on-boarding experience!