Sage Foundation

What do we stand for?

The Sage Foundation is committed to transforming lives by investing our time, money, expertise, and technology to create a sustainable, social, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunities in our local communities around the world. We are passionate about people and helping those who live alongside us; it’s our privilege and honour to serve them.

We envision a world where all people and communities thrive because they are living with economic stability and social equality. If our local communities thrive, so do we. For us this is the right way to do business. We are active in supporting our local communities and invest in making a real difference through the philanthropy of the Sage Foundation.

Our entrepreneurial customers make life sacrifices. They take risks to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, and on this, global prosperity is built. They deserve a bigger voice, and we will always work hard to champion this noble cause.

How we do it

Build a better future

Build a better future
Encourage our colleagues to support their local communities to build a better, happier future.

Deliver opportunity

Deliver opportunity
Deliver social, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunity in the local communities in which we operate and give local people the opportunity of a sustainable future where there is no limit on what is achievable.

Share our time and resources

Share our time and resources
Create a positive impact on society and share our resources with everyone around us—our time, money, expertise, and technology.

What we do

concept of "2+2+2"

2% time
All our colleagues are encouraged to participate in five days of volunteering per year in their local communities. Their activity is focused on young people, socially and economically deprived sectors of our communities and developing social enterprise, entrepreneurism, and skills training.

NO political or religious activity is undertaken.

2% free cash flow (c. £200m) (funded from revenues derived from non-profit sector)
Colleague Matching Funds--Match colleague individual donations or group fundraising efforts
Grants--Award grants on a quarterly basis to causes within our communities, globally

2 x product licenses
2 donated licenses of a chosen product to eligible organizations 50% discount on additional license requirements for the donated product Strong eligibility determination process with no retroactive or current-contract donation or discount


Who we do it for

Disadvantaged sectors of our communities around the world
Everyone needs a helping hand to prosper; we avidly want to help those who need our hand to develop and help themselves. We do this by supporting local initiatives that deliver support to our local communities and the people that make them.

Young people and members of the community who need skills for an entrepreneurial sustainable career
We believe that young people and people living alongside us are our future, and we strive to give them support and opportunity to achieve success and build a sustainable life for themselves.


Sage Portugal help fire department

Joao Barbosa (first on the left)—Sage Portugal uses his volunteer time to support the fire department. 

Sage Everest Base Camp   Sage volunteering in green

Keith Murray is excited because having five volunteering days available means that he can give even more time to helping others. "The five volunteer days is a decision made for me. How many companies will not only give you the time off to complete a fantastic 20-day adventure for a great cause, but also support you by giving you five free days to do it!" In 2015 Keith from the UKI AD Commercial team completed an amazing expedition to Everest base camp to raise money for the NSPCC.


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